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July 5-July12, 2013 Anchorage to Denali (north) to Seward (south) Involving 3 cameras: D3s (lisa) D600 (pearce) SonyBloggie(paul) and Harry had the olympus but he hasn't offloaded his pics yet.
Alaska iphone shots 60: Arriving in AnchorageAlaska iphone shots 61: anchorage airportAnchorage AKAnchorage BreweryAnchorage Brewery ; PearceAlaska2013familyTrip 4Alaska2013familyTrip 6Alaska2013familyTrip 7Alaska2013familyTrip 9Alaska2013familyTrip 10Alaska2013familyTrip 11Alaska2013familyTrip 13Alaska2013familyTrip 14Alaska2013familyTrip 15Alaska2013familyTrip 16Alaska2013familyTrip 17Alaska2013familyTrip 18Alaska2013familyTrip 19Alaska iphone shots 57Weird people in red running around anchorage