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Between 38 and 53 you'll notice a gap in numbering. Those are the dappled light shots which I left out of this gallery so as not to confuse things.

Most of these are retouched but some of them I left natural when it seemed to me they were pretty perfect as is. Let me know if I missed something you want fixed.

I chose my favorites for black and white versions. Happy to add any other B/W's you would like.
Shauna 1Shauna 2Shauna 3Shauna 4Shauna 5Shauna 6Shauna 7Shauna 8Shauna 9Shauna 10Shauna 11Shauna 12Shauna 13Shauna 14Shauna 15Shauna 16Shauna 17Shauna 18Shauna 19Shauna 20